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zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

DJ C-MO has been active as a DJ since 1998.
After having been a fan of YO! MTV Raps in the 90’s and after seeing other DJ’s live at work he decided that this was what he wanted to do. Time to exchange the Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, NWA, etc… tapes for vinyl.
Eventually he spent all his free time behind the wheels of steel, and started to produce his own mixtape series : Mix-A-Licious.
About 2 years later DJ C-MO had the practice and skills to go out and play before a crowd. He played several big parties (Cool Sweat, Shadows,…) and was weekly resident at clubs such as Club Zone or Club Negresco.
These days you can find him spinning at various parties, and he spends most of his spare time doing what he loves most : producing mixtapes.
Watch this place for regular news and updates.

DJ C-MO @ work

DJ C-MO - Mix-A-Licious Vol 9

Audio Two - Top billin'


DJ C-MO - Mix-A-Licious Vol 8